Letter from the RT Hon Owen Paterson MP, 21st March 2014

Dear Mr George

It was a great pleasure to meet you and the rest of your family team yesterday. I really enjoyed my brief visit. You are exactly the sort of top quality local food business that I tried to support and champion when I was Secretary of State for Defra. I am only sorry that I could not stay and talk to you all for longer. I am also most grateful to you for the splendid steak which you insisted I take as a present. This was most generous of you and I look forward to it tonight.

Yours Sincerely

Owen Paterson


Letter from The Groucho Club London, June 2013

Dear Bryan

Thank you for your help with the Groucho Club pop up in Hay. We really appreciated all of your help and support throughout the festival. The meat you provided was superb and it was wonderful getting to meet you, Gaynor and the family. We do hope you will pop by and see us in London, or hopefully on our return next year.

With thanks

All at the Groucho Club


Letter from Mrs B Hickman

Dear W J Geoerge Butchers

I felt compelled to write to you and express just how pleased we were with our Christmas 2012 order.
The turkey was definitely one of the most succulent birds I have ever tasted. The edition of the red “cooking tee”
was extremely helpful in preventing the meat from drying out (something I have been guilty of serving in past years!!)
My husband was keen to try a rib of beef this year, but I, unfortunately had no knowledge of how to order or cool this
kind of cut. So it is with the greatest of thanks I pass on to Chris, who gave me foolproof instructions on how to cook this most delicious piece of beef.
I would also like to make a complimentary nod to all the staff who were working on Sunday 21st December. Whilst standing in the queue there were some very happy and joyful people working in the shop. They were all knowledgable and extremely helpful – a complete credit to your business.
We would also like to express our gratitude to Georgina who supplied and iced a box for us to transport our order on a very lengthy return journey home.
Having lived in London for almost 20 years and sampled what many, many butchers offer, I can say without doubt that we will be returning each and every year for the family Christmas meat supply.

With many thanks and best wishes

B Hickman


The Economic Voice

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Have a butcher’s at W.J. George in Talgarth

September 17th, 2013
Author: Richard Henley Davis

W.J. George is not just a high quality butchers serving the picturesque market town of Talgarth, it is also a champion of local artisan produce.

Originally established as a butcher’s over 135 years ago, W.J. (Billy) George took over ownership of the Butchers from his uncle in 1935 and it still remains in the family to this very day.

WJ George Butchers Talgarth

But it is not just the ownership of the shop that has been handed down, invaluable knowledge of local farms, produce and seasonal variances was also passed down which is why all the meat in the butcher’s section is fully traceable; because each animal is hand picked mostly direct from the farm and brought to the abattoir at the back of the shop before being prepared for display or packaging.

It is very difficult for any butcher to compete with this level of quality control and this reflects in the very high standard of the meat.

The family business is run today by Bryan and his son Chris George whose expertise is in enormous demand as many of the most high profile restaurants and caterers in London as well as other culinary experts are customers of W.J. George.

I cannot overstate the quality of the meat sold here.

Living in the Brecon/South Powys area I am spoiled for choice when it comes to butchers.

Both Brecon and Abergavenny in (the latter in neighbouring Monmouthshire) have award winning butchers that stand out in their own rights as exceptional. Each with it’s own specialty, but the overall quality of produce from W.J. George is why I myself and my family use them as our primary source of meat and associated produce.

Such is the quality that it may effect any future decision to move from where we currently live because at present we literally eat like kings and have grown very accustomed to it. So moving out of close proximity to Talgarth is now out of the question..

But eating like a king does not mean we need a king’s financial position to afford such luxuries, we have found the prices to be most reasonable by anyone’s standards, because aside from the demand from London for W.J. George’s meat, the local customer is always treated well and prices reflect this adherence serving the community.

If I fancy a steak I will always ask Bryan or one of his highly trained staff, which cut they would recommend on any given day because I know that they will sell me a cheaper cut if the quality of the meat of said cheaper cut is above that of a more expensive cut, say a rib-eye for instance.

WJ George Butchers Talgarth 2Trusting your butcher is something which has become almost unheard of in the 21st century Britain, but here in Talgarth it is alive and well.

The personal touch means so much more in this day and age.

To see 74 year old Bryan George standing there in front of you in rude health with forearms suggesting a grip that could crush walnuts fills you with confidence in his produce, I mean how much spinach did Popeye sell?

I am not alone in appreciating the quality of produce.

Renowned novelist and travel writer, Duncan Fallowell (who has impeccable taste in pretty much everything that can have taste attributed to it) also frequents W.J. George.

I recently asked Duncan what he thought of this butchers, his reply was most enthusiastic and complimentary saying it sells “The best leg of lamb in the world“, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

One thing I have noticed is that every time I go there to buy my meat there are 2 people in front of me in the queue and two people behind me when I leave which is quite revealing considering population of Talgarth town is no more than 1,700.

WJ George Butchers Talgarth 3This is because people travel from all over the country to buy their meat from George’s.

I recently spoke to a couple who drive 50 miles every week from Chepstow to do their meat shopping at George’s and it is common knowledge in the surrounding towns and villages that people have been known to travel from afar to south Powys to spend the night with the expressed intention of stocking up on meat from W.J. George to travel home with.

The family business has taken another monumental leap building upon their reputation of selling quality food by opening a delicatessen adjoining the current butchers.

Georgina George (Chris’s wife) is at the helm here and this move towards high end delicacies has proven to be a huge success with local and foreign produce mainly from artisan producers being championed once again.

The range of cheeses, oils, vinegars etc will have your mouth watering like a reservoir overflow and the other services like bespoke hampers add to a complete quality of service.

Simple things like the short back bacon has to be experienced to be believed, the fillet steak (all grass-fed) and lamb are out of this world and unlike anything you will ever purchase from a supermarket.

There is nothing else I can say except when I first tried the produce here it was like trying meat for the first time.

All roads should lead to Talgarth.